The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. “Vite-aa-men” water try saying saying it like that

  2. All losing weight is, is having more calories pit then in. Let’s say I eat
    2500 calories and I burn 3000. That means I lost 500 calories which is .15
    of a pound. SIMPLE

  3. Lol… This video is garbage

  4. when he said diet soda is bad for you am I the only one who thought about
    the game theorist and how he should stop drinking diet coke 24/7

  5. Wait so for sushi, does it apply for people who eat rice everyday? I eat
    white rice everyday (im asian) but im not unhealthy at all. I find a hard
    time believing that tbh

  6. Do u mean Diet Coke make u more hungry,or u might have depression so u
    might eat a lot

  7. How are you so smart thoughty2?

  8. I love how he pronounces vitamins

  9. The thumbnail made me a bit uncomfortable

  10. Fruit doesn’t make you fat. The sugar found in fruit is much healthier for
    you and shouldn’t be avoided. Sucralose (Splenda) is perfectly safe to

  11. Just plain peanuts are bad for me…
    (I’m allergic to peanuts.)

  12. This guy is missing a lot of points on grains. Yes, grains are good for you
    (to an extent) but grains have phytic acid, a nutrient blocker, which
    blocks your body from absorbing, well, nutrients, specifically Magnesium,
    Calcium, Iron, and Zinc. These minerals, besides Iron (which gives oxygen
    to blood, it’s taste and many other things) is known for aiding in building
    strong bones through the use of Vitamin D (D-3, not the synthetic D-2).
    Also, you need Vitamin A, K-2, calcium, magnesium, zinc and fats (such as
    avocados, coconut oil, krill oil, olive oil, omega-3 fats, grass-fed
    butter, etc) for vitamin D-3 to work properly. If you’re going to eat
    oatmeal, or any grain for that matter, make sure you soak your grains
    before cooking them to get rid of the phytic acids and unlock the nutrients
    within them. I would say soak your grains (oatmeal, rice, etc) for a whole
    day, then dump the water and rinse them off just before before cooking.
    Just saying! P.S. Iron and Calcium don’t like each other; Calcium interfers
    with the absorption of Iron (this interference starts at 300mg of Calcium),
    so make sure you divide the times you consume these minerals. I would say
    get your calcium in the morning and Iron at night. You’re welcome!

  13. 4:06 smoovies

  14. Ugh, hate crunchy peanut butter.

  15. what about coke zero?

  16. Hermano Carreta Pimentel

    This video consider high calories meals as something bad. That’s not true.
    From where those calories come is the important thing. And also, if you eat
    healthy 5000cal a day and you have a practices that demand that amount or
    get close, than you are ok. It depends on a positive or negative calorie
    balance in the end of the day to see if you are going to store fat.

  17. hahahahha, this video is full of shit

  18. You said eating a lot of fruit can make you fat. Two years ago I was fat so
    I went raw vegan. Naturally most my calories then came from fruit. Like
    today for example I had 6 bananas and a mango, just for breakfast, not
    including the rest of the day. Now I actually lost a lot of weight doing
    this and now I feel great. Look it up fruit cannot put weight on you at
    all. Gosh do some research

  19. Actually, wholegrains aren’t good for you, either. Lean, unprocessed,
    grass-fed meat, fish, eggs, organic farmer’s-market fresh vegetables, and
    carefully controlled intake of fruit and nuts, and plenty of water,
    exercise, gym 3 times a week on non-consecutive days, plenty of walking,
    and not too much sitting or standing, are all you need to lead a healthy
    lifestyle. The more deviation from this, the progressively less healthy you

  20. 6:11 He pronounced Aspartame wrong

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