The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. they took sugar out of foods and replaced it with a dehydrating, bloating,
    gassy alternative that tastes the same. Sugar is actually good in
    moderation its just the other junk in the food that makes you fat.

  2. How are muffins marketed as healthy food?

  3. so basically everything is bad for u except water.


    NO! Not Trail Mix!


  6. in my country no one uses butter on bread, we only use margarine

  7. is fruit juice still unhealthy if u use natrall fruit and u only use 2

  8. BaconCheezeBurgerz (BaconCheezeBurgerz)

    Next thing on the chopping block:
    Milk! Store bought milk is loaded with preservative and high-fructose corn
    syrup along with Msg! Also stay away from store bought water! Drinking
    water from a river is no different then the one at the store since its
    loaded with sugar and calories along with what’d you guess, preservative!
    If your gonna get water, suggest getting diet water.

  9. Why does the fruit in the thumbnail look like pussy

  10. We need to address your choice of thumbnail.

  11. I found another one today: couscous.
    It’s nothing more than straight carbs.

  12. what about Greek yogurt?

  13. I can’t believe it’s not butter!

  14. What about milk and aspartame?

  15. do you live in america ?

  16. I already knew that cereal isn’t healthy

  17. da PIC at 0:06 looks like a butt

  18. I may or may not have eaten pretzels days ago.

  19. I don’t like yogurt, pretzels or dried fruit. Lol

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