The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. Tocopheryl acetate is a form of vitamin E. It is just more stable than pure
    vitamin E. Just because you don’t know the chemical term it doesn’t mean
    that it’s an “evil toxin”.

  2. Vitamin C IS ascorbic acid!

  3. Drinking diet soda can give you cancer, as it has aspertame

  4. mcdonalds salad

  5. Read The Description!

    idc *eats my breakfast yogurt

  6. they didn’t mention eggs , dairy and meat wonder whyyyy ? I guess only
    calories are harmful

  7. 1:04 There are more stuff that has Ascorbic Acid. Take a look at your
    Berocca. It has Ascorbic Acid. Again, look at some non popular juice. Same
    with VitaGummies. Just eat or drink NATURAL and FRESH fruit and veg. These
    big pharmacies just want money. ????. But, it’s good that BuzzFeed has
    pointed out this. I know you don’t read or reply to comments such as these,
    but, keep it up. ????

  8. 0:44 yep, that explains it

  9. don’t eat or eat with guilt is basically what I get from all these “let me
    tell you what’s healthy and what’s not”

  10. my younger sister thinks pizza is healthy because of the vegetable topping

  11. rapeseed?

  12. My family (for diet soda) Oops!

  13. I would eat natural bananas put they are shaped like a penis

  14. Figured out my depression

  15. When it was showing the stuff about diet soda all I thought of was Shane
    Dawson I’m so sorry

  16. Tocopheryl Acetate is vitamin E. It’s people like you who make people think
    that vaccines give kids autism.

  17. I didnt think any of this was healthy, or at least not bad for you..

  18. Oh, so your telling me all of the banana chips my mom got aren’t healthy
    there were so many! We got theme months ago and there’s still like 7
    packets left! SEVEN!!! And, we also gave some to some teachers and staff
    some to! And I gave one teacher two bags!

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