The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. school lunch at my school is 2.75

  2. word of advice…keep your doors locked. I’d be more concerned if she
    walked in my house twice. Yikes!

  3. I just made that smoothie because I wanted to try it so bad it was soooo
    good ????????????????

  4. these food sound real yummy I have tried all of those foods and they are
    really good you guys have to try them xxxx

  5. mmmmm food

  6. mmmm food

  7. 2016 anyone

  8. Expectation: this year will be different. Imma bring my own lunch and be
    Reality: MOMM!!! Can I have $5 for lunch.

  9. im a vegan and my sissters are meateaters and there is nothin to eat

  10. OMG????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????she likes the son ” this is how we
    roll “

  11. 2:16-2:50 salad SALAD SALAAAD

  12. lol was bout to click off ur vid but heard the only reason by 5sos and kept
    watching, i love myself

  13. ???? u Eva!! Ur so pretty!!

  14. thats y your so skinniy

  15. mine is 7 dollars for lunch

  16. compare 2014 Eva 2 2016 Eva

  17. “Apply a little bit of milk”

  18. don’t mind me I just gotta apply milk????????????

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