The 3 Week Diet

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The 3 Week Diet


  1. The problem in western society is mainly due to lack of exercise. Athletes
    consume 6000 cals a day an office worker should t

  2. Salt makes you fat? Haha OK

  3. The food pyramid was bullshit from the beginning… Weird to think how we
    were all fed lies since we were kids

  4. I’m not even in the US and it applies quite easily with what he says where
    I live.

    Great channel, keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Absolute savage

  6. What is your name

  7. More government is the solution to the problem of government.

  8. My pictures in there lol wtf

  9. Nimble Navigator.

  10. Bravo from Iowa. The truth is the truth.

  11. As somebody that knows alot about health and diet, I never understood why
    the fuck grains were ever on the food pyramid, they are possibly one of the
    worst foods for your health, thanks for explaining why this is shapiro

  12. I have to know, are you gonna upload longer montages as you dude before, or
    is it just gonna be these short clips from now on?

  13. shoq mai Djq

  14. BSTL missed a prime opportunity for some MLG Illuminati food-pyramid
    action. You know the capstone is all Dew & Doritos, baby.


    A God amongst men…

  16. Ben Shapiro is Genius Supreme.

  17. Bens smart but he needs to look at actual medical studies. WHOLE GRAIN
    bread is great. Bleached? No.

    • +Mike P those books are full of half truths and misinformation. don’t get
      me wrong the bread you buy in the store is most likely bad, but that
      doesn’t mean you can’t bake bread that is actually good for you and could
      be considered a health food.

    • Nutrition over calories. Bread isn’t a health food by any means. It’s just
      a filler food. Books like Wheat Belly and Grain Brain get into more details
      about why whole grain bread isn’t good for you at all.

    • +Icuchie Unkown depends on the source. Plant foods ( the only way to obtain
      carbohydrates) themselves are not an issue, but when they are processed out
      of the whole plant food form and lose their fiber and micro nutrients they
      create unhealthy food. Like the guy above said it’s overly processed foods
      that are bad either refined carbs or oils.

    • +Icuchie Unkown Depends on the person. I do best on a very very high carb
      low fat diet. I feel best best, train best, stronger sex drive. On the
      other hand some people are very insulin sensitive, thus needing more fat
      less carbs. All about the individual. Most important thing is limit
      processed sugars refined grains oils and excessive saturated fat and you’ll
      have a pretty low chance of obesity.

    • it’s better than white bread, but it is still crap for health.

  18. Radu Nicolae Popescu

    I’m not American, but this dude should be the president !

    • Go away gypsy

    • +iloveckaepernick7 please don’t ever use ‘lol’ in any type of commentary,
      unless you’re content being a feeble minded minion, and that’s not opinion
      – it is fact.

    • +iloveckaepernick7
      I know, I’m simply stating where I think he would be suited and what I
      believe he is likely to do based on what I’ve heard and seen from him so
      far. He does a lot of private consultation, much of which he wouldn’t be
      allowed to do while employed by the government.

      I just hope he keeps to his guns and continues to be honest and forthcoming.

    • +GingerBagels that’s just your opinion and not a fact lol

    • No, he wouldn’t suit presidency but he’d be great a a member congress. He’d
      ask the right questions, produce the right facts and get the right answers.
      But I’m pretty sure he’ll stay private.

  19. You are blowing up fast. Here’s to more subs!

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