The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. JustDon'tFlickrr JDF

    So happy my country has free healthcare

  2. At this point we should audit all Obamacare infrastructure too: audit the
    entire federal government, really. Expose any and all corruption they
    haven’t totally buried.

  3. I was also helped by the 26 year old rule. I had to get my wisdom teeth
    extracted and without that clause I would’ve been up poop creek without a
    poop paddle

  4. John Green for president 2K16

  5. The pizza’s size also increases under socialism.

  6. The cool thing about socialism is when the pizza gets bigger everyone gets
    a bigger slice of the pizza

  7. It is very expensive to live without a refridgerator. If poor people did
    not have them they would be even poorer, buying fresh food in small
    quantities every day.

  8. First, Congress should give Medicare enrollees a voucher and the freedom to
    choose any health plan on the market. Vouchers would be means-tested, would
    contain Medicare spending, and are the only way to protect seniors from
    government rationing.

    Second, to give workers control over their health care dollars, Congress
    should reform the tax treatment of health care with “large” health savings
    accounts. Large HSAs would reduce the number of uninsured Americans, would
    free workers to purchase secure health coverage from any source, and would
    effectively give workers a $9.7 trillion tax cut without increasing the
    federal budget deficit.

    Third, Congress should break up state monopolies on insurance and clinician
    licensing. Allowing consumers to purchase health insurance licensed by
    other states could cover one-third of the uninsured without any new taxes
    or government subsidies.

    Finally, Congress should reform Medicaid and the State Children’s Health
    Insurance Program the way it reformed welfare in 1996. Block-granting those
    programs would reduce the deficit and encourage states to target resources
    to the truly needy.

    The great advantage of a free market is that innovation and more prudent
    decisionmaking means that fewer patients will fall through the cracks.

    Source: Michael F. Cannon from CATO

  9. Why do you people insist on the need to talk like Kronk from Disney?

  10. Because your piece of the pizza gets bigger – LOL!
    Inequality is the corrosive element (proven by science) so it is very
    relevant just how large your slice is in comparison to others. Has nothing
    to do with your tiny slice getting bigger and has everything to do with the
    immorality and injustice of 10 people splitting .5 slice while 1 person
    gets the other 7.5 slices. Doesn’t matter how big the slices are, what
    matters is that one person feels “ENTITLED” to 7.5 slices. The injustice
    inherent in that was not achieved organically as propagandists that work
    for them will have you think. It has to be TAKEN from the other 10 people
    in various ways.

    • +Victor No
      Again – like I said above, one system or the other won’t work. It’s time
      to use our brains and technology to cooperate and not just compete to come
      up with something better for everyone. Competition is great – I love it!!
      But on the playing field not when it comes to food and health or anything
      else that’s real.

    • I have yet to see a system where everyone gets the same size from the pizza
      when humans are involved. Also considering that not all people act, work,
      think etc. equally, giving everyone the same size still creates more
      problems. I mean sure capitalism is sometimes a shitty system, especially
      when even tho the pizza is getting bigger, the ones who get the bigger
      slice can exert their pizza power on the pizza poor ones to make them do
      their bidding. But the point is unless we find a perfect human being with
      infinite power who can enforce the rules which will invariably be good for
      the whole humanity equally, capitalism will remain as the best choice for

    • I don’t think it’s a capitalism or Socialism discussion or suggestion. A
      hybrid system is much more realistic and more practical at this stage.
      Simply put – either one, all alone and unbridaled by the other, just can’t
      work in our current economic paradigm. But we must admit that our current
      economic paradigm is a failure. The proof is all around you. However, we
      ahve the propagandists always convincing you that the pee raining down on
      your head is just rain and everything is fine.

    • Snowflake Productions

      I have a love/hate relationship with your icon right now. People see that
      and immediately dislike that you support socialism. How is that going to
      sway the hardcore anti-socialists?

    • Exactly! The good thing about socialism is that as the pizza gets bigger
      (which it would faster than capitalism as everyone likes each other)
      everyone gets a bigger slice of pizza

  11. The Monkey and The Wolf

    And does the pizza of capitalism continue to grow forever? Therein lies the
    problem. It doesn’t. Environmental pollution, non-sustainable
    resources…”but whatever”. We’ll just blind ourselves to that point and go
    on with the argument that it actually works. We’ll just pay

    • Snowflake Productions

      He pointed that out early on in the video. Die-hard capitalists don’t want
      to talk about that, so it’s best avoid it to get their support on this
      issue. The appeal to capitalists about conserving resources is not to talk
      about their finite amounts, because they’ll find ways to deny them. Nor
      will fear-mongering or guilt-tripping work because that never gets people
      to wake up. It only draws people further into their shells. Rather, the
      appeal is to talk about jobs created by conservation experts and research
      into alternative sources of energy. It’s still money.

    • Non-sustainability is not at all inherit to capitalism, in fact, with the
      very innovations that capitalist competitiveness helps to create, a
      sustainable growth can be achieved. It is a matter of organization and
      scientific development way more then a matter of economic model.

  12. do we have a free market I hear this a lot?

  13. My grandparents have a fridge, but not for a looooooooooong time.”

  14. Why not fix the problem rather than the symptom? A broken arm are shouldn’t
    cost a small fortune to heal.

    • I understand the concept but as per the status quo, the problem stems from
      the idea of insurance in the first place. Insurance adds cost to the system
      inherently making the total problem worse. Reliving quotas on the number of
      accepted interns and medical school acceptances would reduce the price of
      the initial service as would fixing the draconian and obfuscatory system
      for resolving malpractice issues.

    • As with car insurance mandates, it’s having everyone pay into the insurance
      pot (rather than a small few), allowing the insurance companies to collect
      more money, and pay out less, which will drive down costs.
      It’s a slow process, unless we have a group that mandates prices, which the
      medical industry is generally against.

  15. As a Norwegian, I don’t know how I can use words to describe how draconian
    this sounds to me:(

  16. omg I love being Canadian that much more after watching this

  17. Just a bit off topic here but Henry could do with some cod liver oil to
    help with his joints, that is all.

  18. While Jon is right in theory when talking about capitalism, he is wrong in
    practice when talking about the Us and crony-capitalism.
    Because your share of the pizza shrinks as fast or even faster than the
    overall size of the pizza, mainly because most politicians are directly
    paid agents of the people with the big slices.
    You might want to look into the data.

  19. Wait a minute in America you can’t get health insurance if you have a
    pre-existing condition even if it is inconsequential as tendinitis or

    • +Trinbagodreamer Yeah, Pre-ACA you could be denied for that, which mean I
      could only get insurance through having a job that provided it(Chronic
      migraine), which means unless you just have a shit load of money laying
      around or you have a job that gives you insurance, you can’t get treated
      for these things since you don’t have insurance to help pay for them.

    • +Trinbagodreamer yeah, it’s really sad how we haven’t fixed that. *sigh*

  20. One of the problem with the Affordable Health Care Act is the mandate to
    both employers and employees. In 2014 a low-wage worker by the name of Ms.
    Morris received a fine o $95 for failing to have health insurance.
    According to a preliminary report from the IRS there were 7.5 million other
    people who also received a fine. If you calculate 7.5 million people fined
    times say $95 per person, far lower than what the average would be, that
    comes to around $75 billion if I did the math on that right in my head.
    Also while it is nice that insurance companies are required to cover people
    with pre-existing conditions, there are many loopholes to this in the law.
    The biggest of which is that while insurance companies are forced to sell
    you insurance, they are not forced to renew your plan. So anyone that has
    any kind of health problem will have to remember to shop around for a
    different insurance company each year. There is a lot of documented
    statistics available on this issue.

    • Snowflake Productions

      Isn’t that less the AHA and more of the problem of mandatory private
      insurance related to jobs (I hate to blame them but unions too)? It’s more
      big companies having to have these benefits that keep us little guy
      entrepreneurs down. Conservatives like the little guys.

    • +Trey B (ArrayGamer) you’re right, I shouldn’t have written this in the
      middle of the night

    • Trey B (ArrayGamer)

      +Dave McClintock that would total just 712.5 million, not 75 billion

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