The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. 1.5 hour more than 20+ videos watched all are awesome thanks

  2. bro top secrect whey protien is gud or bad .??? plz reply beacuse i want to
    use it during gaining .

  3. sir you are awesome knowledge about body parts and body

  4. can i loose my body fat only by following nutrition plan, without

  5. guru i have leg problem. my left leg is 50% weaker than right because of
    surgery which i had in childhood. what type of leg exercises should i do

  6. Bro thnx for ur really inspirational videos,from last 01month m following
    ur excz and really believe m feeling 110% improvment in my whole body and m
    also going to develop myself for domestic level comptition … thnx a lot

  7. Legs training needs 2 times more concentration than arms..
    5 times more strength than arms..
    and 10 times more guts and pain bearing capacity than arms..

    Thats why people always skip lower half..

  8. More than 90% of the guys in my gym have excuses for their leg training..

    # Legs? no i ain’t do them…
    # Legs? no my legs are ok.. no need to train them..
    # Legs? My height will remain short if i train legs..
    # Legs? No man.. Our body looks nice with average looking lower half..
    # Legs? I’ll start very soon when my back will become stronger..

    and the masterpiece..
    # Yeah, yeah, yeah.. i train my legs weekly and today is the schedule but
    you know.. There is a party tonight/ tomorrow.. And i can’d dance properly
    if i train my lower today.. So.. Next week..

  9. hi sir plz make video on ketogenic deit.

  10. do we have to drink protein shake on non workout days too.

  11. all hav diff opinion

  12. thanks for your suggestion guru

  13. guru Bhai mera cholesterol high hey men akhrot awr badam kha sakta hon

  14. if u have guts(jigra) no one can stand in front of u..

    • Its not about standing against someone..
      Its all about becoming healthy and remain healthier..

      At the late age of 50-60 when your body cholesterol starts killing you in
      terms of many cardiac problems then you can’t do anything with your

  15. no advantage of going to jym.bcoz if u left jym u will become fat..

  16. hi guru mann,
    i am ur biggest fan. u re my idol. i am following ur diet plan, exercises
    and i am getting results.
    please tell me one question i was suffering from subscapularis problem in
    shoulder from last 3 months and now from next week i am starting my gym .
    tell me which exercises i should?

  17. what a fag

  18. गुरु सर प्लीज p6 preworkout के बारे में कुछ बताये एक वीडियो में।please sir

  19. All cartoons Available TV

    hello guru mann
    can u tell a solution for low appetite

  20. hi guru Mann
    I’m 16 and weight 135 lbs
    I’m taking on serious mass in morning , whey gold standard as pre and post
    workout but and I workout 2 times a day but I haven’t gained any muscle
    weight and lost 4 lbs in last month

    • because you’re losing more calories than consuming. First, why do you
      workout twice a day??? working out once a day is more than enough. 5 days
      in a week is what you should look for depending on how busy you are or what
      works best for you. don’t take whey gold standard as pre workout, you’re
      wasting it. all you need for pre-workou is some caffeine and a banana.
      caffeine can be found in coffee. and workout once a day since your goal is
      to gain weight, and there is ONLY 1 way to gain weight. You have to be in
      calorie surplus. Calorie surplus means (you need to eat more calories than
      how much you burn in a day) so track your calories. check your BMR and see
      how many calories you burn in a day, then add the amount of calories you
      burn in the gym to your BMR. That will be the amount of calories you burn
      in a day, which means you need to eat MORE calories than your BMR to GAIN
      weight. It might sound too much to you since you’re a beginner but let me
      know if you don’t understand anything. In simple words, “you need to eat
      MORE calories than how much you burn in a day”.

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