The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. You are so beautiful

  2. Fitness pls

  3. when is the perfect time to exercise?morning, noon, or night?

  4. When your eating Chinese food and watching diet videos????????

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  6. im always hungry, no matter what I eat. I can’t just eat salad because just
    ten minutes later I’m hungry again, the same thing with fruit as a snack…
    what can I do?

    • drink a whole glass of water before you eat anything

    • add protein to your snacking and your salads, try eggs in your salads or
      mixed nuts to your fruit. The protein keeps you fuller for longer. Good

    • Try to eat a hand full of almonds they are slow releasing which keeps you
      full longer you can google more slow releasing foods and eat more of them
      xxx hope this helped xx

  7. fit tea makes you poop out your inside. Its not healthy you will cry ALOT

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  11. thank you i needed this your amazing

  12. Mia Amare (DJ Mia Amare)

    thank you for amazing video – inspiration!!! love your power!!

  13. not realy

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  15. Andrew Johnson Channel

    Thumbs up for this!

  16. Akacia and Tommy vlogs


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  20. 66 days to retain a new habit/routine

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