The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. Wraps

  2. Yeah but you eat protein bars after or before a workout, if you just eat
    them as snacks, you are failing at life.

  3. Buzz Feed …ruining peoples happiness Since 1947

  4. “Just because it’s healthy it doesn’t mean it’s good for you”

  5. Strawberries have over 10 different types of pestasides

  6. U Fogot subway

  7. Literally any dairy/meat/egg product

  8. Yeeeaaaaah, of course, Carbs are bad for you hahahahahah

  9. Calories are not the enemy, you need them to live. Stop trying to make
    people scared of calories.
    The only reason you need to watch out calories is because you are eating
    calorie-dense foods like meat and dairy. Switch to vegetables, cereals,
    grains and fruits and you won’t need to restrict your calories.

  10. Vengeance Personalifier

    Bad (for hi sorry language)

  11. Why is everyone afraid of calories? Lol

  12. This comment section was the easiest round of spot the vegan I’ve ever

  13. love how carbs are blamed ????

  14. ah, buzzfeed. what an amazing way to promote calorie restriction and
    low-carb diets. FANTASTIC

  15. Anyone else here a vegan thinking ‘if only you knew..’

  16. You missed juice. Juice normally has a lot of t of sugar in it.

  17. Veggie chips are so good though

  18. protein bars arnt “healthy” they are meant to cram as much vital sustenance
    as they can in a small space

  19. banana’s…. if you eat enough they turn you into minions. and that can’t
    be healthy

    100% fake

  20. MODERATION. You can eat whatever you want in MODERATION. Stop telling us
    what we can and can’t have and show people how to incorporate it into their
    diet without over doing it.

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