The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. omg that was soo fucking crazy.

  2. Holy Parc! Thats Backwards for CRAP By the way because you turned my life
    around! Thanks!

  3. 4 – I watched this way, way, WAY too often? for my own good.


    You should have more plays

  5. Omg that amazing

  6. 6 – I think Iam responsible for 3/4 of these? views 😀

  7. Cant get any better than this.

  8. Gotta check out your other videos Im impressed by this one!

  9. Great, sub/thumb/faved you 🙂 MORE VIDEOS!!

  10. you save my day !!

  11. i will share and like

  12. I will never underestimate you again!

  13. Charles Ghöst Thomas


  14. just better then me fucking awsome

  15. sweet channel im checking out more of your vids

  16. Super tutorial.

  17. i bet this took ages to make its a great vid, subscribed,

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