The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet



  2. i got a healthcare ad before this

  3. Darzeedatailorbird1

    I liked the background music! Is there any way I can download it? (Legally)

  4. Anguel Roumenov Bogoev

    Good video, but why the super loud, intense techno?

  5. And I thought I was the world’s largest bore.

  6. Not treating idiots or bei g financially efficient or even ‘the right to
    die’live’ [abortion/euthanasia] aren’t about rights to healthcare. Its just
    policy which can be reformed.. If you have the right to live, then you have
    the right to healthcare, primary and secondary at the very least. As a
    child in England, I find this video horrific. I got a cancerous brain
    tumour and new many other unfortunate people. I was lucky and am more or
    less physically ok now despite PTSD, awkwardness and several scars after
    the best treatment in England, wereas many others weren’t. As a kid, i
    looked into the eyes of death and narrowly escaped with much pain and
    trauma. That is why I love the NHS. And any person who turns down the offer
    for public healthcare on behalf of anyone else is a bigoted, selfish,
    creul, Victorian, unempathetic idiot.

    • Snowflake Productions

      I’m sorry to say that there are a lot of people in my country who would
      rather donate a few pennies to charities for ill children or cancer
      research every now and then than confront the problem directly with their
      tax money. There’s no easy solution for us either because of how much
      influence private insurance, pharmaceutical companies, and practitioner
      companies have over us. 🙁

  7. “Hey guys I think we should all pitch in a little bit to lift this piano up
    the stairs”

    “But I dont want to since its not my piano”

    “Well yes but whenever you have to lift something up the stairs we can all
    help you out too, you might not expect to do it but it might happen one day
    and its much easier for everyone to pitch in a little than to put it all on
    one person”

    “But…er…Thats slavery!!”

    Just replace piano with healthcare and slavery with socialism and you got
    yourself the argument going on.

  8. The musssiiiicccccc ????????????????????

  9. Alex Stefanov (umnikos)


  10. Alex Stefanov (umnikos)

    You have a fat pig? kill it and make so many porks…….. oh yeah…

  11. sweet background music. it plus the morbidly obese pig really set the mood
    of urgency. also, I believe you ment, biggest pile of living bacon.

  12. Atlanta Chimney Pros

    Had to stop at 1 :10 where he already had been through several straw men
    and just plain wrong statements. If you talk fast enough, people seem to
    get mesmerized and skip the logical thinking part. Like liberals and
    conservatives agree that (put anything here). No we don’t.
    The % of GDP spent on something has NOTHING to do with anything. We do
    because we can and want to.
    No they weren’t called Death Panels in the bill…wow, so brilliant (not).
    But some group of people has to sit and figure out who gets treatment for
    what health issue because there’s only so much tax money to go around.
    Please tell me which Govt Healthcare country that is NOT true in. Tell me
    the country where every single citizen gets unlimited money and treatment
    for any and every disease. No such thing.
    That’s why in all those wonderful countries with Govt run health care,
    (Veterans Administration anyone?) you can wait months and months to be seen
    by a doctor. Yes you have theoretical coverage, but you don’t necessarily
    get actual treatment. They are 2 different things.
    Health Care is not a right. A right is naturally occurring and doesn’t
    require someone else’s efforts, money or possessions. Take free speech. You
    can stand and blabber to your hearts content, even if every other person in
    the world has left for Mars.
    Thought experiment – if all doctors and nurses died tomorrow from a
    mysterious virus, who would you go to to get this health care you somehow
    have a magical “right” to?

  13. why is the fucking music so loud? Man, your videos are already interesting,
    don’t add loud (relatively to the volume of your voice) crappy music.

  14. the music is terrrrible arghhhh, otherwise very informative

  15. Just made me think about this in a whole new light. Thank you for
    simplifying it! I work for a major insurance company, and it’s been talked
    about a lot, and in many different ways.

  16. Damn that was good

  17. I love your videos, but as non English native speaker, I would appreciate
    if you could talk a little more slowly, please!!! :D

  18. This was a video on ACID. Dat background music and zippy animation, God…

  19. Single Payer! #BernieSanders2016

  20. Pre-Crash Course. 🙂 Very nice.

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