The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. i absolutely love your makeup in this video!! Would die for a tutorial!!

  2. I think you should definitely make more food videos! Maybe a what I eat in
    a day?❤️

  3. she looks like siler from 90210

  4. Can you do healthy cooking videos? Please! I work at Trader Joe’s so I’d
    would be cool to see healthy meals with food I’m overly familiar with:)

  5. Does she live In Andrea jenn Lauren and arden’s old house??????

  6. is she vegan ?

  7. i love trader joes, but i HATE their ketchup

  8. Omg I buy the exact same stuff as you!

  9. I would love to see more food videos!

  10. Claudia can you please do more videos like this ??

  11. You remind me a lot of Eliza Dushku from Bring it On

  12. Has she watched freelee the banana girl ? lol

  13. I definitely need help with eating healthier..


  15. Please make a “Cooking with Claudia” video!

  16. I can’t drink Almond milk since I’m allergic to essentially every nut (
    peanuts, coconut, cashews, etc ). Any non-dairy milk suggestions? I’m
    currently Vegetarian and am transitioning to a Plantbased lifestyle. I used
    to love regular milk but just choose not to drink it anymore. Please help!

  17. Do a workout routine! Or prepare food with healthy recipes you love!! ????????

  18. After watching this when she posted it, I decided to go ahead and buy
    everything that she showed. Since then, my eating habits have changed
    immensely and it differently challenged me to eat better. Thanks Claud!

  19. Hate these words/statement “go vegan ” “banana “cowspiracy ” like I have
    nothing against ur views EXCEPT the fact that vegans feel the need to
    comment everywhere . holy crap there are enough videos on vegan lifestyle .
    I do not need to hear you on every other video .

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