The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. how long will the spelt bread last for??

  2. Hey sarah!Im very happy that you make this video me and my cousin enjoy
    watching your video.we hope you make more videos…

  3. Hey Sara! I love your videos. Can you make a DIY Halloween costume or
    something related to it?

  4. Does she know that a tomato isn’t a vegetable ????

  5. Ummmm. Sara, can you do a night routine????^_^ thanks love this video YUMMY

  6. In her country she calls oranges clementines??

  7. I am an 12 yr old girl ????????????????????????

  8. Ariana, Miley and Katy forever x

    +SaraBeautyCorner – Nails and Nail art Designs,DIY,Fashion &Makeup Tutorial
    OMG I love your makeup in this video and i love all of your videos!! you
    inspire me so much!!

  9. Do a halloween vid make some scary DIYs!

  10. Awsm vid

  11. I love all your tutorial so helpful thanks

  12. I think you are beter ten teh seven super gils

  13. I’m on instragam I coment your photo

  14. i wish i could go there, i love your videos especially the DIY videos, i
    hope you can read my comment! love ya!

  15. can you do an crayon lip balm pls

  16. u r awsome sara.I LOVE U N UR VIDEO.

  17. Make video about how you edit your videos 😀 please!

  18. I love here sweater!!

  19. She is so awesome! Wish she would post more

  20. sunshinesisters 107

    you know I always try to comment early but im always at school.My sisters
    and I LOVE watching your videos I hope you read this it would be an honor!

    • SaraBeautyCorner - Nails and Nail Art Designs, DIY, Fashion & Makeup Tutorial

      +sunshinesisters 107 Thank you so much sunshinesisters for watching my
      videos 🙂 You’re awesome!

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