The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. TNX a ton!!!Guru mann

  2. it should effect on muscle growth or lean the muscle?

  3. it can be done by the dumbells or with rod?

  4. love it!

  5. just one word to say about all ur videos..THANKS

  6. Hi guru. I just want to know if dere is any way to tlk to u…. Coz m
    facing some problems in my exercise schedule and diet plans and physique..
    Thnx if u cud spare some time for tlking

  7. Hey guru. Just started watching ur videos and learnt a lot of things
    watching ur videos… Really loved ur idea of helping our community in
    getting fit…. Keep posting videos and keep inspiring…. ????????

  8. txxx sir

  9. tum sb madarchodo ki ma ka chut jo inki burai krrhe ho. look at him, he is
    providing us the knowledge. we should appreciate him instead of commenting
    negatively by checking his english or anything

  10. HI Guru! In your video, I saw that we have to lock our body that’s nice
    suggestion but Shall we use bench to lock body??

  11. my age is 15years and i want to make my biceps and triceps but my height
    will not stop

  12. You are. Great love man. And you true indian

  13. the way he says half is so fucking shitty

  14. Guru Maan great

  15. sir will this help me to increase the length of my biceps?

  16. i am very skinny and want to be muscular so what to do in india pls make a
    video of it

  17. lol he is jerking his elbow during cable strech biceps….

  18. thnxx alot sir

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