The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. i can barely understand a few sentences, he speaks fast and has a strong
    indian accent.

  2. please sir….I am Indian please help me…..

  3. sir how to remove dark spot on the face

  4. The English captions make it the strangest advice..

  5. I am student .my weight is height is can I remove my weight.

  6. kitne bhi fitness freaks h sab chutiyapa wali baat krte hai. four words
    padh liye regarding body nd muscles. they thnks they are doctor ..
    u jerk u said ki this is myth Jo gym traininer kehta h ki sex ya jerking
    off se body PR effect pdta hai . nd in the vedio u said same thing.
    or sex ek din kree week mai .
    aisa kro apna hathiyat protein kootne k liye rakh loo tum…

  7. chewing gum helps a lot.

  8. u r genious guru

  9. ars hole

  10. I cant understand shit ????????

  11. Thank you

  12. “Dijastive System”

  13. “Dijastive System”

  14. bruh even doe ur big but ur accent is funny as hell lmaol

  15. thanks for this information

  16. what nutrition should I get

    hi sir I nikhil I am a simple boy not a athelet(sportsman)
    for being fit what nutrition should I eat or take . with daily workout


  17. I am from South India. I like all your songs.

  18. Sir plz tell me about clean tablet

  19. Sir I know that we need to reduce calorie intake but I have experienced
    that reducing calories intake also reduces the energy level for workout…
    so how to compensate for that?

  20. dont tell me he is wearing hurley pink band …wtf ????

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