The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. Михаи́л Алу́нин

    no health without mental health☺????

  2. psychology is a pseudo-science. any social science is based on assumptions,
    not empirical facts. doctors often times coerce patients onto medicine for
    monetary profit. they equate somebody being happy to being manic and if the
    person wasn’t happy and instead bored then they would consider it emotional
    flattening and a symptom of an illness. any behavior, emotion, or pathology
    can get a mental illness label because the mental health system is designed
    for money racketeering. the whole thing is fascist-control and good luck
    ever finding a life because once you get labeled the mental illness stigma
    you’re essentially ostracized by your peers. half of these “professionals”
    don’t realize that some aren’t homeless because they have an “illness” but
    rather their diagnosis prevents them from being employable/accepted by the
    community thus they end up homeless and outcast-ed. correlation does not
    mean causation. its not even funny how much college brainwashes people.

  3. I have a problem with CBT and the likelihood of reframing an irrational
    mind and thinking that has been in place for a lot of years unless it is
    caught early. DBT on the other hand can help much better in my opinion.
    Sadly, most need treatment way more frequently that’s affordable to them.

  4. **LOOK** there is NO MAGIC WAND, that can be waived or created, that will
    predict Mental Health problems, or predict a future killer. The bottom
    line, is that it’s impossible. *TAKE POLICE FOR EXAMPLE* these are highly
    UNDER-trained people, that have to submit to a lot of Polygraphs,
    Background Checks, Psychological Screening, and so forth. Well, how many of
    you predicted that a cop would murder a man in cold blood after shooting
    him in the BACK as he RAN AWAY, then try and LIE about it. My point here,
    is that it seems everyone is trying to create some utopia, and thats
    fantasy. There are bad people out there, and you can’t always pick them
    out. Banning everything, and making people with slight mental health issues
    or chemical imbalances reluctant to get any help for fear of a LIFE LONG

  5. there are so many average or worse doctors who do nothing but write rx. how
    does one find a decent theraspist without wasting a forune in cash and

    • +Peter Fluffy you know its true. therapy amounts to nothing but
      complaining. buck up, life sucks for everyone.

    • duhhh youre pretty darn ignorant..keep those thoughts to yourself please,,.

    • +Peter Fluffy what do you think a therapist is going to do for you? if you
      needed to talk out your problems then its easier to find friends to do
      that. why pay someone to listen to your life story when they offer no real
      solutions except offer more damaging medicine?

    • I know your struggle. Don’t give up. I found that hospitals in large cities
      are better and can also help with finding a therapist for you.

  6. Wonder how much he was paid for this. “Third, that if you have a diagnosis
    of mental health or addiction, it’s “a living death sentence.”” From
    personal experience I know that one is shockingly true.

  7. christianity is a mental illness, and guess what, it is highly contageous

  8. It is weird how a lot of people think mental health somehow belongs in a
    different category than physical health. I think some of it has to do with
    resistance to the idea that we might be ‘just a brain’. Also, if your mind
    can go haywire as randomly as your body, that scares people. But those
    issues should be seen clearly as emotional reactions and not turned into
    paranoid arguments against Big Pharma or psychiatrists.

    • +Milk Man
      You will find that attitudes are shifting among the younger generation of
      doctors. After I canned my 60-year-old doctor who idiotically got me
      hooked on benzos I found a doctor in his early 30s with a totally different
      approach, open to suggestions and acknowledging that medicine is changing
      very quickly and that many of his patients are more educated on their
      conditions than he is.

      The people who run the Toronto Western Hospital Clinic – which I have
      applied for treatment at – are very practical and results-based. They want
      to get away from the drug model too. Every year the science gets better
      and every year techniques improve.

      P.S. I am not opposed to the possibility of an extended mind or paranormal
      phenomena, I just am only interested in what can be shown to work right now
      or in the foreseeable future. I myself have derived great benefit from
      energetic healers, but even they have a “whatever works” kind of attitude
      and support my attempts to get help based on the faulty circuitry model.

      I know that certain companies are even investigating the possibility of
      healing with energetic frequencies based on the idea that every organ has a
      different frequency, including the brain. Blackberry was rumoured to be
      working on something like that until it crashed, but I’m sure someone else
      has picked up where it left off.

    • +valinor any faulty wiring can be cured by means of neruo-plasticity. the
      brain has a natural self-healing mechanism and on a micro-level is always
      self regulating. even recovery from deemed permanent brain damage can
      happen as long as one is nourished, have some kind of occupational therapy,
      and stays away from toxic chemicals. psychiatric medicine wouldn’t be
      needed, and if anything, would get in the way of natural homeostasis.

      also anti-depressants work in theory but not always applicable to everyone.
      the idea is that they increase neurons transferring in the synapse at a
      faster rate as well as ‘helping’ regulation of the dopamine/serotonin
      receptors. what tends to happen, however, is that the anti-depressants mess
      up the re-uptake inhibitors and disrupt proper flow of neurotransmitters.
      this creates serotonin syndrome and is the reason why many users report
      higher feelings of depression, even to the point of suicide or other
      changed behaviors. for a doctor to advocate anti-depressant medication
      would be similar to a bar tender offering a drink. both scenarios have a
      risk of harming the mind and body. and though i agree many Buddhists are
      educated and tend to support some type of medicinal treatment, some oppose
      it and cater to natural holistic treatment (which is what i agree with.)

      and i bring up the paranormal because i think its important. the DSM and
      mental health professionals are suppose to acknowledge a person’s religious
      beliefs. many believe in seeing ghosts, extra sensory perception, and even
      aliens yet if you speak about such topics you get diagnosed with an
      illness. it doesn’t matter whether you personally agree to these beliefs
      are not, the point is that people have a FREEDOM to believe in such things
      and often times doctors (notably in psych wards and state hospitals) impede
      on these freedoms by diagnosing them and prescribing medicine.

      not only that but “hearing voices” is a vague statement. what if a person
      is over-hearing an idle conversation down the hallway or is mistaken gossip
      with hallucinatory voices? if the person diagnosed is feeble minded enough
      to not totally understand their situation they might agree that other
      people’s conversations are indeed hallucinations. even internal dialogue
      might come off as being an illness but i think we can all agree that we
      have some sort of personal narrative in our minds.

      i’m more of a proponent of natural holistic treatment and even
      trans-evolution psychology. i’m open minded enough to believe that the
      current mental health system can change for the better. as of now, i don’t
      like the way many of these psychiatrists and doctors operate.

    • +Milk Man
      Yet new treatments based on an understanding of the brain and mental
      disoders as faulty wiring in the brain *are* appearing, they are working
      better all the time, and they don’t involve drugs, e.g. the following:

      If this theory is wrong, then how are these treatments working? Even if
      the treatments fail in many cases, the fact that they work at all indicates
      the basic theory is sound.

      Not to mention that antidepressants *do* work for many people, in some
      cases permanently resetting their brains to a happier state so they do not
      have to keep taking the medication. Even Buddhist teachers recommend
      medication if their students are not responding to meditation practice.

      I’d prefer if you stayed on topic with regards to how we can actually treat
      people at present rather than bring up the paranormal. What treatment
      options are currently available in that area?

    • +valinor i’m not confusing anything. you don’t grasp the idea that mental
      illnesses are non-existent and the system is a form of racketeering. badly
      wired brains would constitute as brain damage. administering chemicals
      would increase the likelihood of further damaging to the brain and altering
      normal physiological response, aka adverse drug reaction. many of these
      medications have been known to precipitate to diabetes, different forms of
      cancer, changing heart rhythms, and development of neural disorders. the
      medicine is poison and often times the side effects are misunderstood to be
      symptoms of an illness. this great suffering you speak of is casual as
      well. all walks of life go through some level suffering, any philosopher
      could tell you that. and for those who think outside of the box, who is to
      say that hearing voices might be a form of telepathy or tuning into the
      spirit world? of course linear science dismisses the paranormal but there
      are many people who do believe in it. thus the whole thing is fascist
      control, even trying to change cultural perception is a form of
      assimilation. ultimately the doctors/psychiatrists determine what is normal
      behavior or acceptable.

    • +Milk Man Don’t confuse the ethics or perception of mental disorders with
      their origin, those are two separate issues. We have mountains of evidence
      now strongly correlating badly wired brains with the mental disorders that
      put people through hell, and if we can change their reality in a way that
      would ease their suffering, we should, whether through manipulating biology
      or through cultural perceptions. Regardless, most mental disorders cause
      great suffering regardless of the culture they manifest in, schizophrenia
      is a special case in certain traditions. Most schizophrenics just want the
      voices to stop – are you going to take that choice from them based on your
      value system, not theirs?

  9. Wonderful TED talk, Denny. Love it.
    Michelle C.
    Associates in #Psychotherapy — #EvanstonTherapist

  10. Another excellent video about awareness of Mental Health/Illness, bravo!

  11. Greetings! I am currently collecting data to further R&D in the merging
    fields of light and health. Please take a moment to contribute to our
    research in an effort to build the future of light for users around the
    world! Thank you in advance! Stay healthy!

  12. Comision Ciudadana Derechos Humanos

    What a bunch of BS: find out the truth about mental illness: citizens
    commission on human rights.

  13. It’s all very well to say that CBT is the best way to go but just try
    getting to the top of the waiting list. I got there about 6 months AFTER
    I’d completely broken down and overdosed, so a lot of people don’t get a
    choice: they can either take the happy pills or try to struggle on alone
    for the 6-18 months it takes to get seen.

  14. he needs to tear up his doctorate before a class action lawsuit reaches the
    Supreme Court on his industry’s iatrogenesis – treatment causing disease..
    there is no such thing as a chronic mental illness. he is deluded.

  15. Please watch and pass it on. Lets change how people view mental illness
    today. Even in this modern age it still has a stigma to it.

  16. ‘mental health’ has been pushed by the field of Psychiatry and Big Pharma
    to monopolize it so well that almost everyone now instantly equates ‘mental
    health’ with what Psychiatry defines it as and their idea of how to ‘fix’
    it (chemically). Result, Psychiatry now controls what society thinks about
    human emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and what is bad and wrong with
    humans. All terms such as ‘depression’ ‘adhd’ ‘bipolar’ ‘anxiety’ and
    almost 400 others are all Psychiatry terms. .

    • +bixbybixby Don’t listen to these idiots who support the “mental
      health/illness” propaganda. They just want to preserve, and keep control
      of, their business model and manipulation of society, because how else will
      they make money? Now I just want to mention, I don’t deny that people go
      through personal problems, whether it’s cognitive/mental or emotional.
      Problems are part of life; even deciding what college to go to, what career
      to pursue, or where to live, are all problems we have to face.

      But these “mental health professionals” exploit and manipulate people’s
      vulnerable and doubtful states by using propaganda and misinformation. For
      example, first they try to make your “problems” more complicated than it
      needs to be by making them sound abstract, i.e. OCD, ADHD, bipolar, etc
      (this is done to confuse you and make you doubt your ability to think
      rationally and critically); then they advise you to go to therapy, and you
      will be put in a “structured program” – that was contrived to maximize
      profits – and the therapist will not care how long your program takes, so
      long as he/she makes the most money out of it.

      These mental health frauds never tell people the right approaches to
      dealing with mental problems, which is to solve your problems yourself by
      thinking critically, rationally, logically, and using common sense and
      wisdom – all of which, I might add, were not mandatorily taught in any of
      the public grammar schools and the public high school I attended, which
      makes you wonder about this country’s education system.

      In conclusion, mental health is a corrupt business; they need you to be
      “ill” to make money. Furthermore, these crooks use pseudoscience, lies, and
      propaganda to further ingrain in your mind that you have a problem; but you
      don’t, because cognitive problems are not health/medical problems, nor are
      they diseases. They are normal human problems that need to be solved
      independently with the use of critical thinking and logic. Now if you can’t
      do it yourself and you need to rely on someone else to help you with YOUR
      problems – in other words, you’re an overly-dependent grown adult (which is
      equivalent to a child!) – and if you want to waste time and money, then go
      see a therapist, psychiatrist, and psychologist – all a.k.a devils!

    • No caps do not make an argument more ‘correct’. Who said they did? I use
      them occasionally for extra emphasis like many people because of lack of
      vocal emphasis when using printed words. Some people use exclamation
      marks. This vid isn’t about Insel. Don’t ask me about your psychologist, I
      wouldn’t know lol.

    • +bixbybixby
      Using caps does not make your argument more correct.

      Are you aware that, for instance, Thomas Insel, who you lambasted on the
      other video, is a major critic of the way psychiatric illnesses are
      currently organized according to symptom and not by cause? He wants to get
      rid of the DSM. As regard therapy…well, exposure and response prevention
      worked very well for my OCD, and it has major success rate among other OCD
      sufferers. The changes it causes are often permanent, so ongoing
      medication is not required. Was my psychologist in on this massive evil

    • There is a biological factor that needs to be considered when we look at
      mental disorders. Just as we need to look at psychological and
      sociocultural factors. They are interwoven in mental health.

    • “(Prozac, Effexor, Cymbalta, Prestique, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa,
      Lexapro)…were intended to make money…we tend to give them to people
      who’ve got fairly minor problems…where it’s not worthwhile to take the
      risks” Dr. David Healy, Psychiatrist, Psychopharmacologist

      “Psychiatrists get paid for treating mental illness. There is a strong
      motivation for them to look at things they used to attribute to chronic
      personality, or just life, and see them as psychiatric illness. If you have
      an unstable personality disorder I am afraid psychiatry has little to
      offer, but if we call you bipolar or cyclothymic we treat you with
      antidepressants and mood stabilizers, and get paid to do so” Dr. John
      Sorboro, Psychiatrist

      “In the last several decades, Psychiatry has joined forces with the
      pharmaceutical industry and the result is the mass drugging of adults and
      children. With a huge influx of money from the drug companies, Psychiatry
      has enormously increased its influence in the government and society” Dr.
      Peter Breggin, Psychiatrist

      “Psychiatry only pushes mental disorders as biological disease in order to
      convince people to take psychiatric drugs, causing a host of dangerous side
      effects.” Dr. Niall McLaren, Psychiatrist

  17. It’s important to understand the need for preventative care. Unfortunately,
    our society does not address these issues when they initially appear
    (likely due to the stigma surrounding them and overall lack of resources
    for prevention as an approach to treatment as a whole), which leads to the
    further decline of the individual. All mental health issues are treatable,
    and like any other illness it is best to diagnose and treat them as early
    as possible.

  18. For people such as me, who are on a cliff, faced with an ever-growing
    problem that’s descending into violence… mental health care is not

  19. Hi my name is Damian Murray,
    i have undermethylation level 1.8 and pyroluria level 64, i am currently
    seeing a nutrient therapist for almost 2 years now with little success
    although i believe she is not fully committed to helping me, confirmed by a
    resent severe over sight in my nutrient therapy.

    i am struggling heavily, i have been unwell my whole life and it has gotten
    worse over time as i have grown up.
    Symptoms and conditions include. ocd, anxiety, inner tension, depression,
    insomnia, bulimia, body image issues, fatigue, delusional thinking,
    catastrophic thinking, suicidal, sexuality confusion. i have been miss
    diagnosed throughout my life due to fear of ridicule and lack of
    understanding. Is there any one you can put me in contact with that can

    Damian Murray

    • +Damian Murray Dude, just stay away from psychiatrists, almost unbelievably
      that’s the best advice you are gunna hear, that’s all I can say.

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