The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. Wabbajack Wabbajack

    I usually like what you have to say on this channel but I’m still trying to
    figure out how charging “healthy” people a penalty is not extortion.
    Because it obviously is…

    • Wabbajack Wabbajack

      alright well maybe not the MAJORITY of the time but I have personally known
      people who either got stuck with bills when they woke up, or were rushed to
      the ER and bills werent discussed until after the procedure was already
      done…patient had no idea how much the bill might be, doctor knew they
      didnt have insurance, he operated anyway. You mean to tell me that the
      person who was unconscious and unable to consent to surgery should now be
      stuck with that bill?

      You dont charge for gifts, even to strangers. Otherwise its a service which
      implies that both parties have come to an agreement.

    • Wabbajack Wabbajack

      +jode6543 im not necessarily saying its a good or bad idea, would I be dead
      without modern healthcare? Yes probably multiple times over by now. But
      what Im getting at is that charging people for not having insurance is
      nothing less than coersion. The argument that theyre going to rack up
      massive bills without insurance is invalid because more often than not it
      is care that you decided to give them, not care they decided they wanted.
      Its not a bad thing but it irritates me when people act all high and mighty
      when in reality all theyre doing is skimming money from people who couldnt
      afford insurance in the first place. Just call it what it is.

      “Give me your money, or get shot when you try and defend your property,
      because I dont have a better incentive as to why you should buy this
      -sounds a LOT like communism

    • That’s just how insurance works — even privately owned, for-profit
      insurance. The beneficiaries pool their money together to reduce the risk
      associated with getting sick (health insurance), or property destruction
      (home insurance), or accidents (car insurance). When one person in the pool
      suffers, everyone else pitches in, with the expectation that if they
      suffer, they too will be entitled to the collective cash pool. You can say
      that this is a bad idea if you want, but it still works out very well for
      those who buy into it — which is why almost everybody who can does.

    • Wabbajack Wabbajack

      it’s kind of like homeless people washing your windshield at the stop sign
      without you asking them…If I’m unconscious from some sort of injury, and
      you pick me up in an ambulance, that’s not a service I requested. It’s one
      that you donated by choice. A nice thing to do…But how are you gonna
      stick me with the bill afterwards? I didn’t ask you to patch me up, I
      didn’t agree to pay for any services. For all you know it could have been
      my will to stay right where you found me. But at the end of the day you
      took it upon yourself to help that person, stop trying to make them
      responsible for your choices.

  2. If it was really my choice I would be able to choose to not get heath

  3. British-Aussie Lover

    Insurance for what?

  4. Just have all americans die of flu and get it over with. Problem solved

  5. Just have socialized medicine like a civilized country.

  6. No, no, he’s right. Why DON’T we just get our healthcare from aliens?

  7. just 30 million? your pretty sophist.

  8. The introduction to this video I would agree would catch anyone’s
    attention. Simply because these are a lot of questions you average American
    would ask about Obamacare. Thinking the nonsense questions come from people
    doubting what Obama can do for us as a president. Many not paying attention
    to the things he has done in the past, but listening to those who know just
    as much as they do. Stating what Obamacare is exactly helps those who are
    confused or don’t know what it is or what is has and is doing for us as
    citizens. Guaranteed Issues and Community Ratings being the two that really
    stood out. Guaranteed Issues being because it states that NO ONE should be
    denied insurance if they wanted to purchase it. Just because they are sick
    does not mean it is necessarily their fault, it could be something that is
    airborne or even they could have received it unknowingly. And, Community
    Rating is the fact that everyone should be charged the same no matter
    whether rich or poor, sick or healthy. Based off the Philosophy courses I
    have taken, this raises the question of should the rich pay for the
    healthcare of the poorer families? To me this should be something that
    should be put on the to do list of the government. Though no one will get
    denied insurance, how will they pay for it when they don’t have the funds.
    Knowing that there is a way around the poor having to pay for insurance
    puts many people at ease, the process called Subsidies of Obamacare. Making
    it so the government can pitch in and help out as much as possible, showing
    that Obama really does want everyone to try and have health insurance. To
    me, it’s good for everyone to have insurance, because growing up and
    knowing people who didn’t have insurance, were always so afraid to even get
    sick because they knew they would have to pay an arm and a leg in order to
    get better. It breaks hearts to know that many go without because they
    don’t have the funds. Having Obamacare is very much a benefit to this

  9. Like most with most things, people are uninformed; of course, it seems that
    being uninformed causes everyone to engage in mass panic and make up
    stories and facts that get twisted along the grapevine. Make sure you know
    a source is credited before you believe it! The plan for Obamacare is
    simply trying to do its best to provide healthcare that is readily
    available for those who cant afford it, and everything only works if it is
    balanced so I would suggest that people are educated about it and do their
    best to go along with the new system.

  10. I completely agree with the ideas outlined in Obamacare but I can see where
    some people are upset by the concepts it involves. For example, it is clear
    to me why many citizens are upset by the fact that they are being forced to
    buy health insurance even if they don’t want it just because it will help
    benefit those that do need it. They might say that this infringes on their
    personal autonomy to make decisions for themselves and instead they are
    being forced into something they don’t want by our government. But having
    health insurance isn’t a bad thing and you never really know when you’ll
    need it. I suppose this is why some say they’ll just purchase it when it
    becomes necessary but sometimes that is too late. And why should we care
    about those people that do need it? Why not just have every man for
    themselves in this dog-eat-dog world? Well, in order to be morally just
    beings, there are some ethical principles we need to abide by. One of which
    is benefice. This principle states that we need to take positive steps to
    help each other, not just refrain from harmful acts. By not purchasing
    healthcare because it doesn’t benefit our personal lives, we are breaking
    this rule because it does effect the lives of others negatively. The cost
    of their health insurance goes up considerable, making more people bail
    out, and the cost goes up again. The so called “death spiral” for private
    insurance companies is not a myth and to avoid it, it is crucial that we
    all purchase health insurance. Furthermore, this principle doesn’t effect
    us all, like it stated in the video. The only people being effected by this
    law are those who do not currently have healthcare, which is not the vast
    majority of us in this country. And there are subsidies available to help
    those that will be forced to buy it but cannot afford to. Our government
    isn’t making people pay money that they don’t have. Obamacare is set out to
    help us, not hurt us.

  11. I understand the general concept of Obamacare however, penalizing people
    who don’t want insurance is wrong. In my mind, insurance is a luxury for
    people. If they choose not to partake in that luxury than so be it. It is
    not the place of the government to force someone into buying government
    insurance. I see it as a person handing someone a ticket for an all
    inclusive cruise and saying “you need to have this therefore you will buy
    it whether you get seasick or not”. If someone does not want to be insured
    through the government then that is their business. Now, if someone wants
    to be insured but can’t afford it, this is where I see the positive in
    Obamacare. This really just boils down to which way will get the government
    the most money and they do not really care about the well being of
    individuals. Making it difficult on citizens who want to keep their own
    private insurance by having them pay a penalty which supplies the insurance
    for others is ridiculous.

  12. Is Obamacare still at risk of getting repealed or defunded? The reason I
    ask this is because I have heard that Obamacare keeps getting delayed. If
    people choose Obamacare what are the benefits of switching and how could
    this help people?

    • +Mary K Republicans would like to think so, but it is nearly impossible at
      this point. Even though Republicans have not been able to completely repeal
      Obamacare, they are successfully slowing the law’s implementation on the
      state level. There has been a lot of news about Obamacare being delayed.
      Some people assume that means the health law is being slowly put off for an
      additional several years. Republicans typically seize on this type of news
      to make the case that Obamacare is not working. Don’t be fooled though, The
      Affordable Care Act is an extremely complicated law with a lot of moving
      parts but the ultimate goal is to still move forward.

  13. What people fail to realize is, Obamacare is put in place to help them.
    Those who aren’t insured or who were denied insurance in the past are
    finally going to get the insurance that they deserve. Health insurance is a
    must, rather you are a healthy person or not. It is horrible to think that
    a person would be denied insurance because of a preexisting disease. The
    people with these preexisting diseases are the ones who actually need
    insurance because of all of their medical supplies and doctors’ visits. It
    is near impossible to afford to live without insurance because of the price
    of the medical care. With Obamacare these patients are no longer denied
    coverage, which is wonderful. Although, not everything in the American
    health insurance world is changing, many things are. Some changes are; with
    the guaranteed issue patients cannot be denied insurance, with community
    ratings everyone is charged the same amount and no one is punished for
    being sick, if an individual chooses not to buy insurance they are charged
    $95 or 1% of income (individual mandate). But, if the patient is insured
    under their employer, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or any government insurances
    nothing will be changing for them. With Obamacare everyone is treated
    equally, though many believe they shouldn’t be forced to buy insurance if
    they wish not to, it is actually beneficial to them because they might not
    be sick today, but can’t say the same for tomorrow.

  14. Finally made it to the end of the playlist! After watching all the episodes
    I can only think how it might be better if it played from oldest to newest.
    Or maybe Youtube could work on a way to allow people to watch playlists in
    reverse order. Also, if anyone running the show comes back to look at old
    comments, keep up the good work, I love what you all do.

  15. ? what if I live overseas but am an american citizen and get my health
    insurance here over seas am I being charged a penalty right now?

    • +Toby Currie The penalty isn’t anywhere close to $95, just sayin’.

    • No, I don’t think you are getting a penalty, for 2 reasons.
      1. You’re an overseas citizen / citizen abroad, a classification under the
      law which often has special rules or exceptions.
      2. You have insurance. Having insurance, even foureign insurance, should
      cancel out the 95 dollar, penalty, and you shouldn’t be charged.

  16. Capitalism: giving u the freedom to buy what you want and competitors
    striving to get better.
    Socialism: forcing you to buy something against your will because it’s the

    • +Escorpion Venenoso No, those are not the definitions.

    • Art of street work out

      +Jeneke R. An excuse for theft and attacking freedom

    • +Jeneke R. That’s true but people should have to choice to take the risk of
      not having insurance that’s what liberty’s all about

    • +Escorpion Venenoso: Health insurance just doesn’t make any sense if it is
      not implemented for all members of society. Everybody pays, because
      everybody can become terribly sick at some point in their life. The
      serenity that comes from the fact that you’ll always, under all
      circumstances, will have the access to the care you need is quite worth the
      money. Believe me I live in such a system. If you skip the part about
      everybody being in the insurance, well than an insurance is just a scam to
      get your money as long as your healthy.

  17. This guy is a total stooge. Obamacare is all about more government control
    not healthcare.

  18. Whitey be keepin brown down dem crackers need to give me their stuff

  19. Why not just have a government insurance covered in taxes?

    • That is how healthcare works in SouthKorea. In korea, most hospitals are
      private clinic but we have a NationalHealthInsurance that covers all
      citizens. It covers 60~70percent. If it is serious chronic illness then it
      covers 80percent of the expenses.

    • +LarlemMagic Because congress wouldn’t pass that. It IS a better idea…but
      unfortunately not one that has a real chance of becoming law currently.
      Look up the term “single-payer”.

    • +LarlemMagic Partisanship and corruption.

    • +SchiferlED
      Well, the government does fuck shit up sometimes. It’s so weird to me
      that the government is never “the best” at something, there is always a
      private company that does it best.
      I mean, why wouldn’t the government have the easiest to use automated
      tax system and just give it to every citizen? Why are there even
      competitors like turbo tax that can do it better?
      Why is the government always “meh”?

    • +LarlemMagic Because Republican propaganda is so strong that many people
      actually think giving the government control over anything is bad. It’s
      hard to get anything useful passed in the US.

  20. 4:57 – 5:05

    Actually, something did change for me, the price of my deductible and
    premiums. The prices went UP, way up! So, fuck you.

    • +bmotx tell that to government records. The plural of anecdote is not data,
      let alone a single anecdote.

    • Levi “When will we want wantons” Quickburger5000

      +Toby Currie​ ha! noob!

    • No they were not, I paid the same deductible for many years. After, this
      healthcare act was passed, my deductible has doubled in price and my
      premiums have skyrocketed. You idiot, how would know what I pay?!

    • +bmotx And were they not doing that beforehand? The answer is yes, they
      were. They actually went up at a lower rate after the ACA was implemented.

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