The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. It’s better to see it in retrospect — after the bill survived not once but
    twice — the Supreme Court.

  2. Is it just me or does his skin look loghter than now?

  3. Number 200th FUCK YOU to this shit. The person elected for 2016 will
    hopefully clean your bullshit up…

  4. happy bunch of egg heads

  5. The President’s speech indicates that the United States in not a democracy;
    it is an aristocracy. Not once did the President mention the people
    exercising their will through their popularly elected public officials. The
    entire ceremony was dedicated to recognizing the achievements of the
    members of Congress.

    • +Michael Barbieri Yeah…. except at the time the majority of Congress was
      democrat, and the majority of Congress passed the law. Then, later that
      year… the people kicked that Congress out. That’s seems pretty democratic
      to me.

  6. thank you so much my friend and family.

  7. Was that the same place where Johnson signed the Medicare act into law?

  8. i would like to know how except the people to go along with ur unwillness
    to except the fact that the american indians do exist. this new obama care
    is to put money in the goverments pocket isnt it?

  9. have u paid attention to the 10000 laws that authorities made ?>?????

  10. Why does he have to use so many pens?

  11. In my opinion this law has a lot of potential, but like with every policy
    that is created, the first time it is implemented will not be that great.
    However that is the beauty of this country; that we are able to modify and
    correct flaws in our laws (totally on purpose) to patch these policies
    until they become what was expected of them. Instead of Republicans trying
    to repeal it, they should work together to make the law better than what it

  12. Once again the dimwitted Republicans lose again!!! I love it!!! Keep it up
    Mr. President.

  13. Thank you Mr. President. 

  14. Who is the bald man on the right of Obama?

  15. Boy… if we all knew then what we all know now.

    • that we have never had a lower uninsured rate? that lives have been saved
      for people with preexisting conditions? pretty incredible.

  16. You only 13 days left, you better buy your insurance folks! OR YOU WILL BE

  17. For good or bad signing the 2010 Affordable Care Act is the biggest moment
    at least in domestic policy for the Obama Presidency. 

  18. Only 81,000 views for something so ‘Historic’? Thought this was a Big
    Fucking Deal.

  19. This bill is a 2700 page pile of dung signed by an elitist President

    • +Grant D GrantD you are an idiot!!!!

    • Grant D (freedom24seven)


    • +Kuripo Hirusama We all can learn from one another

    • +Dustin Red Eagle Oh, we’re all racists. That’s the only reason to dislike
      the bill. Obama is black, so if I disagree with him, that means I hate
      black people. Also, since I’m not a Democrat, that automatically makes me
      a Republican. So, if you mention that it was a Republican idea, that backs
      me into a corner of either accepting it or being a hypocrite.

      Fucking douchebag. Let me flip that around on you… are you acknowledging
      that the Great Obama’s greatest accomplishment was a Republican idea?

    • +Dustin Red Eagle Why not both: in fact; It is both

  20. They all have a bunch of shit-eating smirks on their faces as he’s signing

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