The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. IvanPlayStation4LiFe

    American lol

  2. Why do americans fear about social securities.
    Social developments don’t make America communist and not everything from
    communism is bad.

    Many americans are so proud of their capitalist system, without realising
    that capitalism is not written in the american constitution or in the bible.

    People are influenced propagandas, because the onyl people who fear social
    securitys are the rich.
    Because if all other people fet treated equally, they aren’t so superior.

  3. Stupid MFers….

  4. ha too good

  5. I love these videos but it just proves how much people don’t know about
    what’s going on lol

  6. If you have, believe in any form of health insurance, you are living in
    Sin, Plain and simple.

  7. People seem to think that life without government would be the exact same
    as it is now. Normal everyday life would COLLAPSE if government wasn’t here
    to regulate and implement policy.

  8. That’s just scratching the surface. His epic take on foreign policy is
    worth the price of admission. So is his analysis of ceiling fans, his take
    on men wearing bracelets, and his commentary on bumper stickers.

  9. This really demonstrate a democratic problem, if you are *this* ignorant
    about such basic stuff, how can you possibly make an informed vote?
    The most scary part to me is not that they don’t know in and of itself, but
    that they don’t recognize that they don’t know it.

    • +Salty Admiral The scariest part is that there are groups of people that
      are so brainwashed that they blindly believe everything the news channel
      tells them, which leads to them hating everything about a particular person
      regardless of what it is. It happens in both parties. This video just
      exploits the Republicans and many of their blind hatred of anything to do
      with Obama. “I have no idea what this thing is, but Obama did it so it’s
      “unamerican” because Faux News told me so.”

    • +Salty Admiral The fact that one of the people thought national healthcare
      would lead to stricter gun control is beyond all logical comprehension, and
      should terrify a lot of people.

  10. lol…omg, its the same thing. these are the same people who will vote for
    the next president

  11. The interviewer did a really good job at exposing how stupid these people
    are…So you think Affordable Care Act is more American than Obamacare?
    LOL. What this showed is that people will pretend to be intelligent and
    knowledgeable even when they have no clue…rather than asking “so what
    exactly is the difference between the two?” This also emphasizes the
    influence of a simple name/logo/icon has to the image/impression of the
    concept at hand. People were more likely to support Affordable Care Act
    simply because it didn’t have Obama in its name.

    • +xele fonte Just wrote a paper on this and used this video clip to show how
      our bias media has skewed people’s perceptions and most people simply have
      no clue as to what is going on around them. The let the media brainwash
      them into thinking a certain way and the individuals simply have no logical
      reasoning as to why they hold certain beliefs.

  12. What in the heck does healthcare have to do with guns? /(-.-)

  13. both are a scams and fraud. the poor benefited from obamacare and the rest
    pay higher premiums with higher deductibles.

  14. Thank you Jimmy Kimmel for exposing these stupid Americans :)

    • +Jose Navarro Then I’m assuming you’re a libertarian.

    • +Jonathan L. oh no I hate republicans too. we are screwed no matter what

    • +Jose Navarro You do know that the affordable care act was the brain child
      of the Republican funded heritage foundation to combat the democratic
      single payer healthcare plans right? A republican governor even tested this
      idea in his home state, the beloved Mitt Romney. Why don’t you guys say you
      were right all along instead of hating an idea Obama stole from Republicans?

    • they are not stupid Americans. Obama is the stupid one to pass a bill that
      didn’t benefit the average American. you are forced to buy health insurance
      that doesn’t help at all

  15. these are also Bernie Sanders voters, ignorant clowns.

    • +Dereck Perkins People won’t be able to afford it. YOU must pay deductible
      first before the insurance takes over. good luck!

    • +IMurderdTheDevil When a person needs medical treatment, it shouldn’t be a
      question of if they can afford it or not. It should be a question of do
      they deserve to be treated, or not. The answer will always be yes.

    • +Dereck Perkins Why do you want you fellow American to be taxed more, why
      don’t you want to have our government live within it’s means instead of
      taking money away from others? And as far as health Care goes are you not
      aware of what the government is going to take from you in a few months?

    • +IMurderdTheDevil If you go to his website you can see
      his tax plan. It’s not really going to affect you unless you make $250,000
      or more a year.

    • +Dereck Perkins You won’t like in a few months when premiums and
      deductibles go up by 75%….. it will be fully implemented this year. Good
      luck to all of you with that….

  16. super stupid liberals.

  17. The guy who wrote Obamacare, Jonathan Grueber has admitted (you can find it
    on youtube) that it was designed to not let people live past 75 years old.
    He also said that Americans were so stupid they would accept it. When that
    youtube video surfaced – he lost his job.

  18. Socialised healthcare works. The rest of the civilised world realises this,
    only America does not.

    • You have no right to say this since you have no idea what you’re talking
      about. When you’re not on your parents insurance then you have a say

    • +John Pearce Jnr Well, the rest of the civilised world should thank the
      American people for subsidizing their drugs. That’s part of the reason why
      it “works”.

    • +John Pearce Jnr What applies to other countries doesn’t necessarily apply
      to the United States. Americans spend more on healthcare than all countries
      which have a unified healthcare system. In fact Canada spends 9% of its GDP
      on healthcare compared to The US which spends 17% of its GDP. The challenge
      here isn’t creating single-payer system, it is decreasing the overall cost
      and eliminating the inefficiencies in the healthcare system.

    • +Jordan Bernhagen If you get cancer you’d be happy to have it instead of
      craploads of medical bills.

    • +IMurderdTheDevil well, ACA is not socialized medicine – nor is it more

  19. Obama don’t care bitches! !

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