The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. in new zealand helthcare is free up to like major surgery so like brain
    surgery big stuff but stuff like kemo thats all free you only pay for small
    things if you go to private places when u dont know whats happening and you
    dont think its bad enough to go to the hospital then its like $30-$40 so
    around $15-20usd so its not that bad and in wellington the capital we have
    free amblance and hellcopter rides and if your i think under 18 then a
    charity called starship will fly you up to the hospital in auckland our
    most populated city and they will play from 40%-80% of the major bills so i
    really our Healthcare but its just a shame that we have the hightest rate
    of cancer because we have no o-zone hole above us so melanoma 1 nz 0

  2. Gonna miss you, Clifford.

  3. They lost enthusiasm through the course, you can find that out simply by
    going through #1 and #32


  5. The US healthcare system is terrible my mom had major surgery and because
    of it, she lost her house to pay for her medical bills and she has

  6. Владимир Ленин

    US healthcare is the joke of the first world, end of discussion.

  7. Would you guys do prepare something on BIG and CCTs? Thanks!

  8. almost had me with the iron triangle

  9. The Bermuda/Iron Triangle thing was good. Yeah.

  10. The ACA program and associated reforms have cost billions. It would have
    been far cheaper and more efficient to set up a single payer system. As it
    is, people are paying for ‘healthcare’ (the term should be used very
    loosely in this country) that could have been paid for a couple times over
    with the tax money simply spent to run the program. In many cases, those
    getting the APTC will be hounded for life for thousands of dollars because
    they had no idea what they were getting into, or because agents told them
    what to put down to get credit for selling a plan while knowing what the
    consequences for the person are. To call it a failure gives it too much

  11. thats my GP! =P

  12. Can i ask what animation tools were u guys using for this clip?!

  13. I wouldn’t expect deadpool in a hospital, but that’s it the topic of the
    video xD

  14. There is something immoral going on in the U.S. healthcare system right
    now. It’s that they think they get to be immune from wage stagnation.

  15. Hello any crash course producers or someone who has a lot of influence on
    the show, it would be very helpful to a lot of people if you did the topic
    electrical engineering and has a lot to cover.

  16. Good quality healthcare, like many things, are reserved for the wealthy
    while the rest of us “nobodies” get the shittier care with older obsolete
    equipment and less-educated, less-caring and mostly incompetent
    practitioners!!! I have always been either severely disappointed or
    completely appalled by the terrible level of healthcare that I have
    received and that I have seen others receive over the years!!!

  17. i saw Norwich hospital…wow…

  18. The fact that they keep calling healthcare a “market” is just wrong.

  19. I know this show is based in the US – but gez… this episode should be
    called the economics of the US healthcare system. Not a lot to take away
    from this episode sadly.

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