The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. strawberries and raspberries aren’t actually ‘berries’

  2. what fruits eat have ibs

  3. Also, my favorite fruit is peaches! It’s kinda sad they weren’t on here. Oh

  4. I know oranges are good for you, but I don’t like them because I have a
    mild allergy to them, so whenever I eat one my throat hurts and my mouth
    and lips will be dry. D:

  5. nice……………….

  6. I can’t do grapefruit

  7. U forgot pineapples

  8. 8 /10Yay

  9. Not Hatin Just Statin

    how do cherries and grapes better than banana’s!?!?

  10. i eat apple all the time

  11. im watch this while eating an apple

  12. clean cum is good
    for your skin,

  13. apricot is the only thing I don’t like in this list the rest of the fruit I
    like, I like to add sugar to avocados to make them more tasty and easy to

  14. I made a vid with a title with Apples

    It’s Apples For Jimmy so u can watch it

  15. mangomangomangomangomangomangomangmoangao

  16. Wheres mango melon and papaya at en pomegrenade should be 1

  17. Apples are good for Parkinson disease??? Fuck sake Mohammed Ali shoulda
    aten more!!

  18. kids dont do it like on 2:28 JUST PUSH A FUCKING STRAW(berry) TROUGH THE

  19. Nicholas Littlejohn

    Always eat organic for your health and that of the farmers and the soil.

  20. Make your knifes sharper:)

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