The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. *The more food I ate, the more weight I lost. I was always thirsty and
    visited the bathroom often. All that happened 38 years ago when diabetes
    was not as popular as it is today. I feel much better now [Go Here=== *
    ]. It all started when I had symptoms of flu and was feeling quite unwell.
    Later the doctor was called and I was given some medicine, when my dad
    couldn’t wake me up, as I had gone into a coma and was rushed to the
    hospital. The rest was history. I was first put on a 5 oranges a day
    therapy for the potassium. At that time I was only 14. But this today has
    indeed been very resourceful.*

  2. *After 3 years of being diagnosed with diabetes , a year later things have
    finally come under control and life feels wonderful after I came across
    this [Go Here=== *
    ]. It started with me always feeling tired after eating as if I were
    drugged. This will cause me to retire early to bed. I would get very
    thirsty sometimes and visited the urinary frequently. I was 55 then and
    started gaining some extra pounds. I was so sluggish. Later the diagnosis
    revealed I have diabetes and hypertension. But now I feel so much better. I
    really love this stuff.*

  3. *I have been in this battle with sugar for over 15 years now. But from what
    I have received here so far, [Go Here=== *
    ]. I know the battle is already won. I was diagnosed of type 2 diabetes
    after experiencing the usual symptoms of frequent urination, overly
    thirsting, and losing so much weight in a short period of time. I have
    been on medication all this while. Now this natural method have been very

  4. *The best source of information I’ve ever had. What a relief [Go Here=== *
    ]. My sister was diagnosed with diabetes sometime last year, although I do
    not have diabetes symptoms. I had a fractured ankle and went to see the
    doctor, after I told him about my being overweight and my mum too, he
    tested me that same week. The result showed I have diabetes too. Now both
    my mother and I are always searching, reading and studying up on as much
    information as we can on the diabetes issue. We both render help to each
    other. This stuff is very helpful.*

  5. there should also be a health warning for diabetics to check with their
    doctor first because once the banana has gone brown and spotty it has more
    sugar content which is NOT good for diabetic people !! my partner is
    diabetic and all of his diabetic nurses and doctors have told him to avoid
    eating bananas that are brown and spotty and to only have one small yellow
    banana a day. also, i personally can’t stand eating a brown and spotty
    skinned banana, i prefer them when they are yellow !

  6. Thank you for share…

  7. l love this

  8. monkey eats banana..they are agile…

  9. Piccolo Speaks Truth

    who else was loving that music in the backround?? please foodnsport what
    was the song called?

  10. just eat bananas…

  11. I like banana, but they told me that isn’t good for me

  12. I’ve watched this nearly 800 times!

  13. I like nannas ????

  14. Yarapotina Satyanarayana

    though i am diabetic never stopped eating 2 to 3 bananas per day

  15. Hola como es tan

  16. awesome

  17. Alien Octopus Records

    Bananas are also great as an an aphrodisiac. Forget Cialis, grab a banana.

  18. Women and chicks like to suck my banana and it has health benefits too :D

  19. Indian bananas are tasty too.

  20. I cringe everytime someone says “Oh that has tonnes of chemicals”…..

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