The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. sorry… that oat bran or oatmeal

  2. Great video, amazing fresh food variety, 3 questions:

    1) Why don’t you like oils (assuming extra virgin unrefined cold pressed
    coconut, olive, etc, for example sake).

    2) What are you doing for Omega-3 fatty acids? How many grams a day are in
    your diet?

    3) Are you squatting like that for a specific reason or is that just how
    how you like to do it? (unrelated but curious because you’re a pretty built

    • I too have bad knees (former ski racer, still playing rugby after a decade,
      etc.) With a very long, consistent warmup routine including a lot of
      mobility work, I’m able to squat below parallel pain free. If you’re able
      to lunge like that, your squat ship has definitely not sailed! Just in case
      it becomes a workout priority.

    • Awesome reply, thank you!

    • Thanks man!
      1. Oils are pro inflammatory containing a much higher omega 6 to 3 ratio
      which can cause damage to the endothelial layer of the arteries. They are
      loaded with empty calories which make fat loss more difficult. They can
      also cause skin issues.
      2. I use ground flax, ground chia or ahi flower oil for omega 3. The ahi
      has a 4:1 ratio in favor of Omega 3 (anti-inflammatory) and also has the
      necessary omega 6 and 9 ratios for a healthy inflammatory response. I take
      about 2.5gm per day
      3. I have some knee issues which make squats hard for me but I try to throw
      them in anyway 🙂

      Appreciate these great questions!

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  5. Cronometer do you use the app?

  6. Hey jeff , i am carrying fat and want to lose it , can i have me some
    peanut butter sandwich ?

    • i lost 70 lbs… my diet in included penut butter but just beware of it bc
      its calorie dense.. 2 tbls is good for a sandwich though

  7. I’m just being sure I read it right. You ate 574 grams of carbs on this
    day? My husband and I were both diagnosed type 1 5 years ago and so it’s
    difficult to imagine even eating a third of that in a day. What would you
    do in this situation?

    • My doctor put me on an insulin pump and told me to go enjoy a Dairy Queen
      blizzard. I’m just trying to see how I can get a colorful variety in while
      watching carbs. I’ll keep searching and I may find a diabetic vegan. ????

    • Type 1 is a different scenario (insulin dependant) than Type 2 so you would
      have to take the Doctors advice on that one. Type 2 is more diet related
      and can be healed through diet.

  8. I know you are not big on stimulants, but do you have any thoughts on
    matcha green tea or gelatinized maca for preworkout use?

    • +Guilt Free Vegan Well, I’m about to get back into the gym after a layoff
      of about 3 years. I’m 32 and I worked out from ages 16-29. Back then I
      consumed a lot of meat and my main goal was to get as big as possible. I
      gained a lot of muscle, but also a good deal of fat. Now, I’m ready to get
      back in the gym but my mind has changed dramatically. I have just started
      with the vegan diet within the last few weeks and this time mass alone is
      not my main motivation. I have lost about 25 lbs in the last 7 weeks since
      changing my diet. I want to lose about 20 more before I start lifting
      again. My goal will be to add a decent amount of lean muscle mass without
      gaining very much fat at all. A physique similar to Jon Venus or maybe a
      little bigger would be desirable.

    • give it a shot and make sure your glycogen stores are up before gym though
      so the blood sugar can support the exercise – that is if the exercise is
      moderate or more intense. what are your goals in the gym?

    • +Guilt Free Vegan I’m considering them because I work a physical job super
      early then go to the gym after so I need the pick me up

    • funny you said that because i just went off green tea and stimulants. I’m
      just way to sensitive. however, green tea is amazing pre-workout. a bit
      more gentle than coffee but less jitters. also, depends on how sensitive to
      caffeine you are. matcha is stronger than steeped leaf tea but matcha was
      too strong for me personally. 20 min before workout, give it a try.

  9. jeff, can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! Do a 3 day meal plan and prep
    using the variety you do already. Im really struggling with this and i end
    up eating out all week which is terrible for countless reasons

  10. I love the diversity in your meals. I need to strive for my diverse meals
    in my day to day meal planning. Cheers, I subscribed to your channel as
    well. :)

  11. Lol 😀 I have been fully vegan for about 3 weeks now and decided to buy
    some normal ice cream (super unhealthy, kind of like ben and jerry’s) for
    some reason. And now it feels like my face is bit swelled and it didn’t
    really feel right in my stomach. Never really intended to become
    permanently vegan but it may be that I will 😀
    I never really had problems eating animal products but I just liked vegan
    food and tried being vegan fully vegan for a while, but seems like my body
    doesn’t agree with animals products much anymore :D

    • +mukkaar
      the same thing happened to me. it’s a great thing when we clean ourselves
      out 🙂 thanks for these posts!

  12. Just wondering how you are able to prepare and afford all this food and
    time to work out how do you survive? Man you must have a good angle, My
    husband would love this kind of lifestyle but he has to work a very
    physical job 14 hours straight w no breaks sometime he doesn’t have time
    for lunch; there would be no way he could pull this off. It seems to me
    this lifestyle is not practical- in the real world….Is everyone suppose
    to quite their jobs to reach their goals, to me, this is an example of the
    very few, the lucky people of the world. Granted we are a vegan family but
    really? We would loose our home and be on the streets if we ever indulged
    in this lifestyle, keep doing whatever you do, man, you are in the
    condition your in because of the position you landed in life, but for most
    folks the odds are stacked against us.

    • right, i agree with you, about no excuses, however, my point is this video
      does not reflect what you claim or what my husband does, this guy seems
      like he doesn’t even works hard or hardly works. not a real life lifestyle
      as far as I’m concerned.

    • I would eat like this, train twice a day while running 2 business and work
      14 hour days 6-7 days a week. Not a problem. The key is preparedness and
      lots of Tupperware.

      I prepare every evening all my meals for the next day. I get up at 5am to
      be able to squeeze in a morning weight/kettlebell workout and in the
      evening I would do a run and maybe some plyometrics in the park to help get
      a good night sleep. Not having time is really just an excuse.

  13. Philippe Chicheportiche

    Hello from London! Your channel is fantastic. Newly vegan (January 2016)
    but vegetarian for years, my issue is to keep the weight on… I’m
    ectomorph and its damn difficult to build decent muscle… I’m also over
    50. I approached different trainers and nutritionists on line which
    sometimes gave good advice but generally the amount of food i had to cook
    and eat was just unbelievable. It was very difficult to sustain. That’s why
    I like your approach to food… Eat when you’re hungry not for the sake of
    eating. Working full-time means that I have to get my meals prepared in the
    morning for the whole day so if I can avoid cooking it will save me a lot
    of time! Thank you for sharing :)

    • +Philippe Chicheportiche
      I appreciate you watching and participating in the channel 🙂

    • Philippe Chicheportiche

      Thank you so much for the advice, much appreciated. looking forward to
      watch more of your videos. Take care 😉

    • +Philippe Chicheportiche
      Thanks for such an awesome comment! In my opinion, the ectomorph body with
      muscles, & definition is one of the best looking bodies. Yes, we have to
      eat a lot of food to support muscle growth especially in our 40’s and 50’s.
      One of the most important things regarding putting on lean muscle is to
      focus most of your eating around your workout, especially after your
      workout and really feed the work you did with meals like rice and
      beans/lentils/peas. So if you only have to focus on one really large meal,
      which you should be hungry for post workout, then the rest of your meals
      can be smaller. I know it’s tough. I’m a slow gainer even though in the
      videos it may seem quick. It’s good that you’re taking such an interest in
      learning what to do. It’s one big grand experiment isn’t it? 🙂

  14. I found date syrup at the market I shop at. You can now say i’m hooked.

  15. Fantastic video! I’m already vegan, but you’re inspiring me to eat more and
    more whole foods. Dig it! :)

  16. LOL Idk why but I laughed so hard at this part 4:15

  17. Wow! Thanks for the advice, I will be sure to follow it and see how it
    goes. I do crave for a shake after my last workout. Does it make a
    difference if my last workout is my second workout?

    • +Meli Akimseu
      Try the shake and see how you sleep and feel in the morning. Do you mean
      the second workout of the day?

  18. I am so glad I found your Vegan videos. I am a newby at this vegan
    lifestyle, but I am in it because I really need the energy. My last
    workout is usually around 7:15p.m. ending around 8:00/8:15p.m. What do I
    do about dinner? Should I eat before the workout?

    • +Meli Akimseu
      I’m happy you found them too! Welcome to the lifestyle and great question.
      This depends entirely on what time you go to sleep and if you give your
      body enough time to process/digest or at least move the food from the
      stomach to the small intestine. If you eat all day and nourish your body,
      there will still be nutrients at work in the body even if you don’t eat
      after. But if your workout is intense and you’re hungry after, you should
      feed your body. See how you feel with a light meal 2 hours before sleep.
      You can always make a shake with some banana, dates, perhaps even some
      beans and see how you feel. It’s all a personal experiment. You should pay
      attention to how your food makes your body feel and your hunger cycles. The
      body will be asking for specific nutrients after your workout like
      carbohydrates and specific amino acids so if your goal is to gain mass and
      strength it would be good to provide your body with those nutrients post
      workout so you can feed the work you’ve done.

  19. What were you doing at 2:03?

  20. Just found your channel!

    Awesome videos brother! I’m a vegan myself but it’s always fun seein’ other
    vegans blog, always an opportunity to learn new things 🙂

    Keep it up!

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