The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet


  1. It seems that a lot of people here has watched the extremely objective and
    unbiased episode of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit and have allready made up
    their mind before seeing any new evidence.

  2. This Is Fifty With Lil

    WAIT! Had to stop the video one second in… NO. My answer is, no. Proceed.

  3. Meh. The design of this study simply measures whether or not there is a
    treatment effect (getting help) and the researchers chose AA as the
    treatment. The results simply show AA is better than nothing; the study
    makes no attempt to compare the outcomes of AA to other treatment outcomes.
    Commenters should keep that in mind.

  4. Please talk about EBC 46.

  5. Do I remember an earlier episode in which you noted that standards in the
    US and standards in Europe regarding only amount of alcohol costumed per
    day are wildly different?

  6. This is the first time I have herd that a.a actually had a treatment
    program. Usually all you hear about there that they are just a recruiting
    arm of a church. that being said. Has there been research about a.a’s
    effectiveness vs non church based ones?

  7. Why abstinence as the standard? How about just not being addicted?

    • I just asked my Dad this question, who is himself an alcoholic. This is
      what he told me, and I think it’s pretty good input for your question.

      Primarily, I think it’s because many alcoholics (though this applies to all
      drugs addicts) cannot control themselves once they begin taking a drink. He
      explained it like this. You know the feeling of “perfect drunk” that comes
      after drinking for a while? When you feel great, you start to drink faster,
      and drink more heavily partly because your better judgment is inhibited.
      For my Dad, he has that feeling after one sip of beer, so once he starts he
      cannot stop.

      There may be a few alcoholics who can moderate their drinking, perhaps more
      of them than we know, but many alcoholics report similar sentiments.

      Another reason for complete abstinence instead of moderation is because for
      many alcoholics (again, my Dad’s words here) the consequences are too steep
      to begin a moderation plan rather than an abstinence plan. Consequently,
      they’d rather take the awkwardness of never drinking out at social events
      over potentially ruining their lives once again.

    • +rjr81 But people can go from being addicted to being able to drink without
      going overboard.

    • Because we don’t know how to cure addiction.

  8. Google Mandated Name

    AA is bullshit. Show me scientific evidence that it’s better than nothing
    or other treatment options.

  9. AA is very difficult to study, as it is anonymous, but has a 5-10% success

  10. I was going to leave a comment like the other ones until I realized you
    were only referring to selection. the way AA obfuscates what they consider
    to be success and other shenanigans about recidivism and not counting
    failures at all is really, really bad. the title of this video is offensive
    and detracts from the actual content. you could restate it as is to ‘why
    does stopping drinking work’ and only consider people that just decide to
    stop drinking. I respect the content of this channel and Aaron Carroll very
    much, and I think this video does not live up to what I’ve come to respect
    them for, it is a detour to non-science land to uncritically talk about AA
    and ‘addiction’ ‘treatment’ of the kind they ‘practice’. suggest changing
    title to say something about self selection and maybe follow-up video that
    deals with the effect without directly making a reference to an
    organization that can really muddle the point you are trying to make

  11. SangoProductions213

    I noticed the assumption that AA *did* work.

  12. Bias again?

  13. Would prefer a video on AA vs secular alternatives.

  14. Julian Poulton-King

    The randomization should be between AA and another common treatment, this
    would decrease cross over because the control is receiving at least some
    sort of treatment. This also doesn’t account for (as mentioned) that those
    willing to participate in a study are not random. ~8 days a month of AA for
    3 days of abstinence seems a bit pitiful as an effect. CBT is much higher
    more effective and gives people long term tools to stay abstinent.

  15. How about comparing AA to other treatment programs?

  16. A.A. is only one of many options. It is too often treated as the only one.

  17. Dr. Carroll, out of curiosity, has any study managed to quantify the level
    of harm caused by AA”s virtual monopoly on treatment in areas of the
    country? They’ve prevented CBT and other forms of addiction treatment from
    being adopted and studied and I would be interested to know if that harm
    could be quantified.

  18. Well, no we know how we know it works, what about the explanation of how it

  19. Do one on chiropractic care please!

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